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Wading Trips – Fly Fishing or Spin Fishing

IMG_1631What’s more fun than wading rivers and streams and casting for big (or even little) trout?  Not much in our opinion.  In fact a large portion of our guiding services focus on fly fishing (and spin fishing too) rivers and streams for trout. We fish some well known rivers throughout New York State such as West Canada Creek, East Canada Creek, Black River, Moose River, Battenkill, Kayadeross Creek and several other “secret” rivers and streams… shhhhhh.  We’d be happy to bring you along!

Float Trips – Fly Fishing or Spin Fishing


We run float trips on several rivers for trout, bass and walleye depending on which river we’re running.  Float trips are ideal for spin fishing but bring your flyrod if you want because we often get out and fish the hot spots from shore.  These trips are one guide and one client per canoe so you have a personal chauffeur and guide for the day.  We run the Mohawk and Susquehanna Rivers for bass and walleye and the West Canada and Battenkill for trout. We have even been featured in various publications for our float trips.  Float trips are usually 6 hours and the fishing can be awesome!

Adirondack Brook Trout

Brookie 1-2There is no fish pettier than the native brook trout.  What can you say… our state fish is a total babe!  What they lack in size they make up in beauty and spunk!  That’s why we love them so much!  We have spent many hours, days, months… searching the Adirondacks for the special places that hold these little gems and we’re willing to share some of these with you if you promise to treat them wellIMG_1901.

Brook Trout trips can be traditional fly fishing, tenakara fly fishing or spin fishing.  If you prefer spin fishing we may require single hooks on spinning lures.  Our Adirondack Brook Trout trips are catch and release only as they can often be a delicate fishery.  We are only fishing native and wild fish so we want to leave them the way we found them… as nature intended.  We thank you for your support with this!

Ice Fishing

People sometimes ask us if there is a time when we don’t fish… and we laugh at them… really hard.  Winter can be some of the best fishing of the year!  Whether you want to jig panfish, chase big lake trout or set tip-ups for pickerel, bass, walleye and pike.. it’s up to you.  You dress warm and we’ll do a lot of the work.  We fish Otsego Lake and Lake George for Lake Trout using either tip-ups or jigging.  Jigging Lake Trout is about the best fun you can have on the ice!  We also fish many lakes throughout Central New York and the Capital Region for other species.  Some ice fishing trips may include a heated ice fishing shanty.  All trips are dependent on good ice conditions.


Hiking, Backpacking and Eco-Tours

IMG_3310Maybe you’re not that into fishing… it’s OK, we won’t hold it against you.  We also offer hiking and eco-tours.  These trips are fairly custom depending on desired location or activities.  They may include more difficult hikes in the Adirondack High Peaks region, overnight backpacking trips, hikes with the destination of smaller mountains or remote bogs or ponds or maybe with the purpose of finding rare wild flowers.  Our guides have a wealth of knowledge on wild flora and fauna.  Let us know what you’re interested in and we can probably show you some pretty cool places.

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